Thus announcing the first weight confirmation in this genre… nothing more than Tyga, the North-American phenomenon.

After a recent performance in the Algarve nightlife last year, it is at RFM SOMNII 2019 that the artist will make his debut at major national festivals!

A 10-year-long career, 6 albums, top charts and airplay worldwide, several million views and followers on YouTube, valuable collaborations with stars such as Drake, Lil Wayne or Chris Brown and actor in films such as “Logan”, the Law of the streets “and” Keanu ” is a great achievement for someone under 30 years of age!

Last summer was flooded with the bustling single “Taste”, a hit quite acclaimed, in the company of another great rapper Offset and that remains so addictive to hear that we cannot give him rest!

July 7th promises to be epic! The Californian Tyga rises thus to the main stage of the RFM SOMNII bringing in authentic classics that will certainly make the crowd go wild. It will not only be a “Taste”, but a “Main course”, guaranteeing a rise in temperatures in Praia do Relógio, Figueira da Foz!