RFM SOMNII will be cashless and you can now create your Personal Account!

This year you can go to RFM SOMNII without worrying about carrying cash: you can top-up your account in advance and enjoy the festival in the best possible way!  

What do you have to do?

1 – Create your Personal Account

Configure it with your information, including your ticket reference;

2 – Top-up your account’s balance

You can be at ease, this account it’s only yours and it’s non-transferable!  

3 – Exchange the ticket for the Cashless Wristband 

Once you arrive in Figueira da Foz, head to Parque das Gaivotas (near the entrance), where you will find the exchange area. Your Personal Account balance will be linked to your bracelet.

Where and when can I exchange my ticket for my wristband?  


*Parking located at the Entrance to the Enclosure

07/07 – 11am until 8pm 

08/07 – 10am until 0pm 

09/07 – 10am until 0pm  

10/07 – 2am until 0pm


*Exclusive for Campismo Voucher buyers

07/07 – 11am until 11pm 

08/07 – 10am until 11pm 

09/07 – 10am until 7pm 

10/07 – 10am until 7pm

You don’t need to wait in line to top up more balance on your bracelet as you’ll have the opportunity to do so with your cell phone, without leaving the site, using MBWAY or another online top up method! 

If you are still one of those “suspicious” people about this cashless thing, know that we are thinking of you: at the venue you will have several points for charging your wristband without using a personal account: there you can load your wristband using MBWAY, credit/debit card or cash. 

  • The only payment method at the event is through the RFM SOMNII cashless wristband. Through this payment method you can consume and buy: drink, food and merchandising; 
  • By using the cashless system, the user’s acceptance of the terms and conditions (link) is implied; 
  • Each dreamer will have to exchange their ticket for the cashless wristband before entering the event. This exchange will be made at the wristband exchange point, located in Parque das Gaivotas, next to the entrance to RFM SOMNII. Whoever has the Camping Voucher, can also make this exchange at the entrance of the Camping Park; 
  • After the wristband is handed over to the user, RFM SOMNII is not responsible for any loss or damage of the wristband; 
  • Each user will be able to check the balance of their wristband at any sale or charging point in the venue. The balance can also be seen when changing the bracelet; 
  • Your bracelet is personal and non-transferable. RFM SOMNII reserves itself the right to refuse any wristband that is cut, turn off or visibly manipulated; 
  • Any complaints regarding Cashless method should be sent to; 
  • The loss or misplacement of the bracelet is of the only responsibility of the user and does not give him/her the right to be assigned a new one. 

Any complaints regarding Cashless should be sent to


The wristband shall be charged before the event, using the Personal Account that each dreamer can create on the RFM SOMNII website, in order to avoid queues and simplify the process. 

  • The Personal Account can be loaded with money using: 
  • MBWAY 
  • Credit/Debit Card 

The wristband can also be charged at the event, at the charging points around the venue. Payments that will be accepted at these points are: 

  • MBWAY 
  • Credit/Debit Card 
  • Cash 

    You can use and charge the wristband as many times as you want. 

For those who have Personal Account: 

  • All transactions made at the event will be sent via email, in a single invoice, at the end of each day of the event. 
  • All account top-ups, via Personal Account, will generate a proof-of-load email.  
  • If you want the invoice to follow your tax number, it must be indicated when creating the Personal Account or added to the account settings.
  • If necessary, invoices for transactions carried out at the event may also be requested at the Cashless Support desk, located at the entrance to the VIP Zone. 

For those who haven’t created a Personal Account: 

  • If necessary, invoices related to purchase/consumption at the event may also be requested at the Cashless Support desk, located at the entrance to the VIP Zone. 
  • The request for a refund of the balance on the wristband can only be made by users who create a Personal Account until the deadline defined and communicated by the organization on the website and at the event; 
  • Only users who create a Personal Account until 10pm on July 10th, will have the opportunity to request a refund of the remaining balance after the event; 
  • Each refund request has an associated fee of 2.5€ for operating costs, which will be deducted from the credit left on the wristband; 
  • Refund requests will begin on Monday, July 11st at 9am and will last until 4pm on July 12th, 2022. Refunds requested between these dates will only be processed after 4pm on the 12th of July; 
  • Refund requests can only be made in the Personal Account. This Personal Account can only be created until 10pm on July 10th. 
  • Refunds can take up to 15 business days to process, starting from the day after the order period closes, July 13th. 
  • There are no refunds on the venue. 

If you need more information about Cashless, send us an e-mail to