Exciting night-time programs takes place at Figueira da Foz

After-parties will take place at Praça do Forte, Casino da Figueira and NB Club, during the three-day festival, ensuring that the celebration never ends.

Besides the daytime activities of the Festival City there will be other exciting night-time programs held in the city. 10 after-parties (late-night parties) will continue the celebration during the 3 days of festival in Figueira da Foz.

At Praça do Forte (renamed Praça RFM SOMNII for these few special days) after-parties will take place from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. and the lineup will include Corey James, Mayze X Faria (July 5th), Dynamic Duo & Sir Scratch (Host) and Francisco Cunha (July 6th) and Putzgrilla and Mello (July 7th). The entry will be free for all.

After-parties at the Casino da Figueira will be held from 00h30 to 05h00 and the lineup will include DJ Johnny B, Moullinex (DJ set), Alice Francis (July 5th); Tigger Lewis, Rui Vargas and Swingrowers (July 6th) and Raul Lemos, Miguel Barros and Electric Swing Circus (July 7th). Entry is only allowed for Premium ticket holders.

NB Club will have the widest schedule of the 3 after-party venues, offering programs from 00:00 to 06:00. On July 4th it will open up with a Mixtec set followed by Dumore and Los Manitos on July 5th. After his set at RFM SOMNII, Jay Hardway will also be present at the NB Club on July 6th, and on the last day of the after-parties it will be Edgar Marquez and Double Cheese’s (A Gold & Van Breda) fire!

Also RFM SOMNII’s camping guests will get a warm welcome on July 4th, when the festival and the city of Figueira da Foz presents the Campers Party. Festival fans from Portugal and all over the world can warm up their party mood with acts like Fábio Vasquez & Pette, Zinko, II Mini DJs and Overule. And it’s not over! Campers Party will also present Team Strada, who will bring their own Strada Fest to all of RFM SOMNII’s campers.

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RFM SOMNII 2019 presents: Festival City

In 2019 RFM SOMNII goes one step closer to its home city, by introducing its brand new project: Festival City.

7 stages, 37 artists and 85 performances will be added to the program, making Figueira da Foz a true epicentre of culture, walking hand-in-hand with the beach festival during the 3 days of the event.

If you’re a fan of beach, sun and endless parties, you will love RFM SOMNII, no question about that. But 2019 will also see a new, more laidback kind of entertainment, side-by-side with the festival’s core concept. Festival City is an ambitious street programming initiative that goes beyond the great stages at the Praia do Relógio beach, involving the host city of Figueira da Foz in a cultural celebration.

Festival City will include street entertainment, several after-parties, and of course lots of music! This program takes place during the 3 days of RFM SOMNII, starting at 3pm, and lasting until the evening.

The street program will spread over 7 stages at 7 new locations across the city. With a total of 37 artists and 85 performances, Festival City enhances the relationship with the city and its people. Created by RFM SOMNII and supported by the City Council of Figueira da Foz, the event will attract even more visitors to discover what is best in this region between 5 and 7 July.

The shows of Festival City are free and without age limit, boasting a comprehensive and eclectic program that includes:

  • Music (contemporary, classical, jazz, fado)
  • Performing arts (Periplo Puppets, Crassh, Miss E@sy)
  • Contemporary and urban dance with several schools involved (Flashmob CMDS, Freestylerz Breaking, School of Dance CAE)
  • Circus animation (Companhia Morimbondo)
  • Facial paints, and a lot more.

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New call with three more stars on the way to the biggest summer party: RFM SOMNII!

rfm somnii

Fedde Le Grand, Redfoo and Jonas Blue are confirmed on Biggest Sunset Ever!

House of great quality confirmed for the 5th of July

The Dutch star Fedde le Grand represents what is best done in house music and, of course, could not miss the Biggest Sunset Ever!

Fedde le Grand is an well known figure on the DJ MAG chart and a much-demanded producer, responsible for the remix of some of the themes of various great stars of the pop industry, such as Madonna, Robbie Williams or Michael Jackson, the Dutch DJ is a true master of EDM .

On July 5th we will have the honor of dancing until we can no longer keep up with the Fedde Le Grand’s greatest hits!

Redfoo ensures that the party lasts, lasts and lasts beyond the sunset!

Responsible for one of the most heard and celebrated hymns at the hottest parties on the planet – “Party Rock” – Redfoo is the figure that stands out in the most dancing pop of the world and promises to make RFM SOMNII vibrate on July 6.

High density, energy peaks, frantic dancer, Afro culture always on point and glitter running in the veins … A born party starter! With the LMFAO it featured at the biggest festivals in the world, as well as multiple explosions in the world music charts. Solo, has released multiple hit singles such as “Lights Out” or “Keep Shining.”

The second day of RFM SOMNII is another great reason for your summer to become a legend to remember!

The revelation of House Music

After Don Diablo and Tyga, Jonas Blue is the latest confirmation for July 7.
The producer and English DJ is responsible for spicing up house music a little more, tempering it with more tropical elements, which guarantee a new taste, dimension and originality to his music.

Jonas Blue has been on the world’s radars and tops since 2015, with Tracy Chapman’s astonishing remix of “Fast Car” theme, reaching the remarkable mark of 6 million records sold. In 2016, there was no British artist who sold as much with a single as Jonas Blue. The last day of RFM SOMNII is served hot, very hot!

The city of Figueira da Foz will be caught by 72 hours of animation at various points of interest. A cultural program extremely well defined and within reach of all who choose this region as a destination in these 3 days of celebration.

Access the site www.rfmsomnii.com  Confirm your presence and be on top of the latest news!

Do you know who the three new presences are on the Biggest Sunset Ever?


Unprecedented event: Two headliners for day 5 July!

The heart of the Progressive House

Alesso is the second major confirmation of the 5th of July and comes to join Afrojack, artist already confirmed.

One of the biggest DJs in the world-style EDM panorama is returning to the Biggest Sunset ever!

In 2014 Alesso snatched 60 000 hearts on Praia do Relógio, a moment that was also marked in the artist’s memory, considering it “One of my favourite shows ever! “.

Alesso is part of the top 100 DJs, being a “machine” of hits, and has worked with big names like: David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Usher or Avicii, being one of his latest hits – “Let Me Go” – a real success.

The Nordic DJ and producer returns to RFM SOMNII and will again have the most beautiful recipes to bring a multitude to the stratosphere!

The “one to watch”

Vigel will bring the trance to the greatest Sunset ever on the 5th of July.

With the support of Armin Van Buuren, the single “SQRT” placed it on the world’s electronic music radar in 2015.

The Russian DJ and producer creates impact on Dance Music through his challenging productions with EDM legends such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, R3hab, David Guetta among many others.

This trance music ambassador invites us to align the chakras and dance to exhaustion on the Biggest Sunset Ever!

The Wizard of the Eletronic House

On July 6th, Jay Hardway returns to a stage and to an audience he so well knows.

Currently, the DJ and producer doubles with another huge EDM name, Martin Garrix, and is responsible for several hymns of the dance floors around the world, such as the incredible single “Wizard”, from the album “Gold Skies”, which reached 3.6 million views on YouTube in first week.

With collaborations such as Bassjackers, Firebeatz and remixes about Armin Van Buuren and Sam Feldt, Jay Hardway is definitely one of the greatest current exponents of the best in dance music.

The city of Figueira da Foz will be contagious by 72 hours of entertainment at various points of interest. An extremely well defined cultural program and within reach of all those who choose this region as a destination in these 3 days of celebration.

O RFM SOMNII vai transpirar música, cultura e artes em 2019

O RFM SOMNII – O Maior Sunset de Sempre! regressa, em 2019, com a ambição de ser o maior festival de Portugal e transforma-se na Cidade Festival nos dias 5,6 e 7 de Julho.

O RFM SOMNII vai transformar-se na cidade festival – uma grande festa feita para abraçar a cidade da Figueira da Foz.

O evento e o espírito do RFM SOMNII será expandido por vários locais do centro urbano, tornando-se na maior manifestação cultural em Portugal! Ao longo dos três dias de evento, o centro da cidade será invadido por artistas, espetáculos surpresa, zonas de tertúlia e lazer, experiências e festas especiais.

O público pediu e a organização oferece novos géneros musicais em cartaz. Além da música de dança, este ano a oferta será alargada às maiores tendências musicais a nível mundial:

  • Pop e o Hip-Hop. Diariamente, no palco principal atuará, como cabeça de cartaz, um grande nome de referência mundial.
  • Os maiores DJs do mundo com atuações inéditas. O conceito eletrónico do RFM SOMNII vai continuar como nos anos anteriores. Pela primeira repetem-se artistas que marcaram o público com as suas fantásticas atuações em edições anteriores.
  • O RFM SOMNII afirma-se de ano para ano como sendo mais do que um festival: é um conceito alargado de celebração de verão obrigatória na agenda nacional e internacional. O evento ambiciona ser o maior festival nacional em bilhetes vendidos, área coberta e em consumos por parte do público visitante.

Após 6 magníficas edições na Figueira da Foz, que elevaram o festival a estatuto de reconhecimento mundial e ao mais que merecido título “O Maior Festival de praia da Europa”, é hora de alargar, ainda mais, o espectro musical e artístico do festival, com a inclusão do que é umas das maiores tendências da música mundial da actualidade, o Hip Hop! Anunciando assim a primeira confirmação de peso neste género… nada mais que o fenómeno norte-americano Tyga.

A consciência ecológica é outro dos valores do RFM SOMNII. A responsabilidade individual de cada um é importante para a organização e para os visitantes. Este ano será fomentada uma campanha inédita em conjunto com as entidades oficiais. O mote desta campanha tem como base dois dos valores festival:

“O Nosso #Sonho é uma #Praia limpa”. Todas as bebidas serão servidas em copos recicláveis.

Campismo RFM SOMNII – Um dos locais que esgota, rapidamente, todos os anos é o campismo, um local que será alvo de atenção especial e festas exclusivas. A festa de receção ao campista será o momento alto deste espaço.

After-parties – O encerramento do evento no recinto principal iniciará uma nova dinâmica noite dentro, no centro da cidade da Figueira da Foz. O Casino da Figueira entre outros locais, vão receber after-parties únicas, contando com a presença de artistas nacionais e internacionais.

A pulseira digital de acesso ao recinto será uma das inovações e marca, desde já, esta edição a nível tecnológico: quer a nível de acesso e bilhética, quer a nível de consumo antes e durante o evento.

A cidade da Figueira da Foz vai ser contagiada por 72 horas de animação em diversos pontos de interesse. Uma programação cultural extremamente bem definida e ao alcance de todos os que escolhem esta região como destino nestes 3 dias de festa.

The Biggest Sunset Ever nominated for the 2018 European Festival Awards

In 2018 the RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Sunset Ever is running in the European Festival Awards, in the “Best Major Festival “category. Prizes will be awarded on Jan 16 2019, in Groningen, Holland. The date coincides with the Eurosonic Nooderslag (ESNS) opening, a festival to discover future european artists, held between Jan 16 and 19 2019.

This is not the first time that the RFM SOMNII is designated to the awards. In 2016 it was on the list of events appointed for the first edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, for the Associação Portuguesa de Festivais de Música (APORFEST), running for “Best Major Festival”, “Best Line-Up” and “Best Live International Performance”.

The Iberian Festival Awards aims to distinguish the best music festivals of the Iberian Peninsula in partnership with Festival Awards, that distinguishes yearly the best European events.

The RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Sunset Ever gives opportunity to young talents

The Opening Act of the RFM SOMNII 2018 edition – The Biggest Sunset Ever counted on three DJs and producers (yet) unknown to the general public. The festival gave an opportunity to young talents to open every day of the events and the results were amazing.

To achieve it, they just had to send a sample of the original song, together with a picture, to the RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Sunset Ever email. The application had to have a short biography, and the rest was up to its success.
Rich & Mendes, the RFM DJs duo, were the juries. They listened to the proposals, evaluated and selected the best ten. The songs chosen were made available to the listeners on the RFM site, and the most voted for were the winners in May.

The RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Sunset Ever is not just a dream, it’s the Greatest Dream Ever!

The RFM SOMNII takes you to dives in six editions

The Biggest Sunset Ever is now part of the collective imagination of thousands of dreamers, Portuguese or foreigners. In 2018 more than 100 thousand gathered in the already most renown beach in the country.

Praia do Relógio, in Figueira da Foz, became reference in the electronic music scenario and the central area of the country became viral with three days of memorable emotions and experiences to the sound of the best DJs in the world.

The RFM SOMNII is a unique event, on land and sea, where fans and visitors can enjoy the beach and amazing music shows as well as water activities. The magnitude of the facilities allows you to go for a safe swim during the event.