RFM SOMNII Special Weekend – Everything you need to know about what’s on offer for this special weekend

RFM SOMNII has prepared 3 days where the Dream will be the watchword! News, prizes, exclusive interviews and a special 2-hour edition of Sunset Sessions… all with the dreamers in mind!


The date that would have marked the Biggest Sunset Ever couldn’t go unnoticed.
Even far from Praia do Relógio beach, we’re going to celebrate the date with a line-up that will keep festivalgoers glued to their seats: apart from interviews and live sets, fans can also win prizes and tickets for RFM SOMNII 2021! The line-up’s already available 👇


Friday, 10 July

A special edition of the RFM programme “My Boss is cool”, by the Fridayboys, especially dedicated to RFM SOMNII

Where: RFM // When: 10 am

This special edition will be the kick-off for this Special Weekend. During the broadcast, featuring good electronic music, some news will also be revealed on the air!

Exclusive interview with Alok

WhERE: Facebook RFM SOMNII // When: 21 am

During the interview, conducted by RFM’s Daniel Fontoura, dreamers will be able to ask questions and interact with Alok, one of the most famous DJs in the world!

Contest “Meet & Greet 2021”

Prize: Meet & Greet with Alok at RFM SOMNII 2021

Where: Facebook and Instagram @RFM SOMNII //
The result will be announced at the end of the interview!

#Sun #Beach #Sea #Happiness #Friends #Music #Dream

Our dreamers will experience these key words during the 3 days of RFM SOMNII and now’s the time to use them to win exclusive prizes!   

Come up with a really creative slogan with two of the RFM SOMNII hashtags and the name of the DJ interviewed, Alok. The best slogan will win a Meet & Greet with Alok at RFM SOMNII 2021! See the full regulation here.

The slogans should be posted in the comments on the posts made for this purpose. They will be available on RFM SOMNII’s Facebook and Instagram pages at 11 am on 10 July. The winner will be announced live during the interview with Alok, which starts at 9 pm on RFM SOMNII’s Facebook page. You can enter as many slogans as you like.

Saturday, 11 July 

Sunset Sessions – Special Weekend Edition

The dreamers are now used to tuning in to the Biggest Sunset Ever via our live Sunset Sessions, where RFM SOMNII brings its fans the best DJs in the world and the best electronic music. This time, we have a special show: instead of 1 DJ, we’ll have 3, in a special 2-hour edition!

Where: Website RFM SOMNII + Twitch RFM SOMNII

Lineup and times

Diego Miranda – 21h // MORTEN – 21h30 // Sander Van Doorn – 22h //

Rich & Mendes: special Remember RFM SOMNII – 23:00

Contest – Sunset Sessions Quiz

Prizes: Tickets for RFM SOMNII – 1 x 3-DAY BASIC TICKET + 3 x 3-DAY VIP TICKETS

Where: chat Twitch e website RFM SOMNII // When: starting at 9 am

Questions will be asked during the live sets by the artists on Sunset Sessions and the prizes will be tickets to RFM SOMNII 2021. The winner will be the first person to answer the questions correctly during the show. See the full regulation here.

The prizes are not cumulative. The winners will be announced at the end of the Sunset Sessions in RFM SOMNII’s social media stories.

RFM SOMNII Rdio Show Special Weekend,
whit artists from the 2021 line-up

Rich & Mendes will be performing a set in a special edition that will tell the listeners about some of the themes from the artists in the line-up for RFM SOMNII 2021!

Sunday, 12 July

News about RFM SOMNII Réveillon

Where: RFM SOMNII’s social media

RFM SOMNII has prepared some special news for this last day.
To find out what it’s all about, you’ll have to stay tuned to RFM SOMNII’s social media.

Everything is in place for our dreamers to have a weekend that will make them remember the best days of their lives – the days spent rocking at RFM SOMNII!

The Dream goes on!