RFM SOMNII to be cashless in 2021!

With a view to enhance the dreamer’s experience at The Biggest Sunset Ever, both in terms of comfort and safety, RFM SOMNII 2021 will feature cashless technology: dreamers won’t have to use “cash”, they can simply top up their bracelets with amount they want for the event using their mobile phones and/or the dedicated top-up kiosks at the venue.

With the 2021 event in mind, RFM SOMNII is going to be innovative and implement cashless technology, developed by MOW – Moving Out Weight.

This is intended to increase the safety of each dreamer, avoiding contact with cash, and also to improve the event experience; our dreamers will be able to top up their bracelets without leaving their place, just by using their mobile phones.

The concept is simple: cashless technology will allow dreamers to get whatever product they want at the RFM SOMNII 2021 venue without using cash or cards. Payments will be made using the official event bracelet, which will feature RFID technology and can be topped up via mobile phone or at the dedicated top-up kiosks at the venue.

With this, dreamers won’t have to be “running around” the beach to buy “tokens” every time they want to get something. When the balance has been used up, the bracelet can be topped up easily, whenever they want.

The focus on this technological innovation by RFM SOMNII, one of the pioneering musical festivals in the use of RFID in Portugal, reinforces concerns regarding safety measures given the context being experienced at the moment. 

We will continue to focus on assuring the best experience for our dreamers and we’ll soon be bringing you more news about the 2021 event!