The Biggest Sunset Ever nominated for the 2018 European Festival Awards

In 2018 the RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Sunset Ever is running in the European Festival Awards, in the “Best Major Festival “category. Prizes will be awarded on Jan 16 2019, in Groningen, Holland. The date coincides with the Eurosonic Nooderslag (ESNS) opening, a festival to discover future european artists, held between Jan 16 and 19 2019.

This is not the first time that the RFM SOMNII is designated to the awards. In 2016 it was on the list of events appointed for the first edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, for the Associação Portuguesa de Festivais de Música (APORFEST), running for “Best Major Festival”, “Best Line-Up” and “Best Live International Performance”.

The Iberian Festival Awards aims to distinguish the best music festivals of the Iberian Peninsula in partnership with Festival Awards, that distinguishes yearly the best European events.