This is our Summer!

It’s now! The time has come to lift our heads high, let our emotions loose and take back the freedom of adventure and fun at the greatest beach festival in Europe. 

The time has come to tear out the boredom page and send an ultimatum to “shrugging our shoulders”. Concerns and lack of will have fallen by the wayside because we’ve started rewriting history today. And this is how it starts: THE SUMMER IS OURS.

8, 9 and 10 july 2022
A revamped RFM SOMNII!

More than just going back to the old experiences of The Greatest Sunset Ever,  we’re dreaming about a transformation in more than just image – an intense, free and irreverent summer to bring back unforgettable memories with friends and your favourite artists, on a sandy beach of pure joy.  

It’s the Dream revolution, immersing our essence in flame, the moment of awakening and expressing the desire for the euphoria that flows in our veins and unites us beyond time and space. ‘We’re taking back our right to the sun, being barefoot on the beach, having fun with no schedules, friendship with no effort, swimming in the sea and all the best thrills in life. 

As never before, RFM SOMNII 2022 will be a celebration of renewed experiences. The festival of colour, of union and an explosion of emotions in what will be The Greatest Sunset Ever!

Today, our dreams have no limits, but we don’t just dream – we go out in search of what was always ours –pure joy. We’re ready to take the reins of Tomorrow because THE SUMMER IS OURS!

Say goodbye to boredom. 
Grab your ticket and come shine with us!