Together we can make a difference!

We are going through a difficult period due to the COVID-19 threat. However, we can all contribute towards keeping the dream alive at RFM SOMNII.

We call for all our dreamers to unreservedly comply with the recommendations from the health authorities regarding COVID-19. Our behaviour is the best way of fighting this virus at the moment and we believe that, with the commitment of all, we will be able to overcome this phase and return to normal. 

We are continuing to prepare RFM SOMNII, which will be held in July, but we are keeping a close eye on the current situation. We are in constant contact with the responsible government and health bodies and are adopting the proper precautions.  

If any decisions need to be made, we will be the first to inform our fans in a conscious manner and to take the necessary steps.  

We stand beside the other festivals and their organisers in Portugal and all over the world, who have been making important decisions about the events they were producing at this time of the year. Summer is approaching and Portugal depends heavily on the entertainment industry, closely associated with tourism and catering.  

The success of this cause, and of RFM SOMNII, depends on you too, dreamer!  

Please, follow the prevention guidelines and stay safe!

During the time you spend at home, you know that you’ll never be alone. We’ll always be with you on the Spotify playlist, or you can just tune in to RFM! 

We hope to celebrate the end of this situation in good spirits at the Biggest Sunset Ever!   
The dream makes no sense without you!