The Contest is sponsored by BRAVER ENTERAINMENT, LDA., From now on BRAVER ENTERAINMENT, headquartered at 240 Rua da Fundição, , 3700-119, São João da Madeira and enrolled at the competent Commercial Registry Office under the unique registration number and legal entity number 514 537 965.

The promoter is the organizer of the event RFM SOMNII and develops the present contest in partnership with YAMAHA PORTUGAL.


2.1 Participation in this contest is allowed for all individuals residing in mainland Portugal, over 18 years of age and who meet the requirements specified in this Regulation.

2.2 Prizes will not be awarded to traders or employees of the Promoter, YAMAHA PORTUGAL, any company that participates in the organization of the Contest, companies that are in a domain or group relationship with those, agents or any other person or company professionally connected to the Contest, nor to their spouses, ascendants, descendants or brothers.

2.3. Participants will have to follow the official Instagram pages of RFM SOMNII and YAMAHA PORTUGAL.


The contest is valid from June 25, 2019 until 23:59 on June 28, 2019 (“Period of the Contest”).


4.1 The objective of the Contest is to reward the three participants who, fulfilling all the requirements of the present Regulation, present a music set that reveals creativity, technique, originality and is aligned with RFM SOMNI’s line-up.

4.2 A jury appointed by the PROMOTER will choose the 3 winning sets, according to the criteria established in this Regulation.


5.1 Participation in the contest, limited to one participation per person (regardless of the account used), is made through a commentary in the official publication of the contest in RFM SOMNII’s Instagram, with the phrase “A Yamanha vai levar-me ao Palco do RFM SOMNII!“, asking friends to “Like” their comment and sending a 30-minute EDM set to contest@local.somnii.pt.

5.2 The sets will be evaluated by the jury – composed by Rich & Mendes DJs – according to criteria of creativity, technique, originality and popularity.

5.3 By July 3, 2019 the names of the winners will be announced on the social media of RFM SOMNII, which will also indicate the day and time when each winning DJ will perform.

5.4 Participation in this Contest presupposes and implies that the participant declares and guarantees:

a) To be the author of the set submitted for the purpose of participating in this Contest, and that this is original creation, unpublished and was not used for the purpose of participation in another contest, initiative or contest of third parties or the Promoter itself;

b) That the participation does not violate any third party rights, namely, copyright, trademarks, or any other intellectual property, privacy, publicity or contractual rights, regardless of their nature;

c) That the participation does not violate the terms and conditions of this Regulation, nor any applicable laws or any other applicable regulation, guidance, or standard;

d) That the participation does not contain any unsolicited or unauthorized promotional elements, political campaigns, publicity, or any other form of solicitation;

e) That the participation does not contain any offensive, defamatory, threatening, abusive, vulgar, sexist, discriminatory or inappropriate material, nor is it intended to promote or incite violent, dangerous or antisocial behaviour.

5.5 The submissions submitted will be validated by the Promoter who will verify that they comply with all the requirements of this Regulation. Only participations occurring during the Period of the Contest and that comply with all the requirements of this Regulation will be considered valid. Each user should only participate once. In case of more than one participation, only their first message will be evaluated. The Braver Entertainment team reserves the right to eliminate any competitor (or even the winner) who exhibits inappropriate behavior on your page during or after the contest.


6.1 The jury – composed of elements designated by PROMOTORA – will evaluate the admitted participation and select the 3 (three) best sets, according to criteria of creativity, technique and originality.

6.2 The decision made by the jury on the winner is final and cannot be reviewed (even in cases not covered by it).

6.3 The three winners will be contacted by email until July 3, 2019 and announced through the channels mentioned in 5.3.

6.4 Winning participants must send their personal data (full name, email and telephone contact), only for delivery of the prize, until the end of July 3, 2019. Sending incomplete personal data may lead to the cancellation and consequent loss of the status of winners and prize, without the right to any compensation or replacement. After the deadline referred to in the previous point has not been submitted by the participant, or if he responds by renouncing the prize, he will lose his status as winner and, therefore, the right to the prize, even though he has been identified as the winner. In this case, no other winner will be announced.


7.1 The prize of each of the three winners corresponds to a performance as a DJ on the RFM stage of the Festival RFM SOMNII, on the day assigned by the Promoter and in the period between 3p.m. and 4p.m., thus opening the festival.

7.2 The performance of each of the 3 winners will take approximately 60 minutes.

7.3 The prize can only be used if the winner is over 18 years old, being of legal age.

7.4 The Prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

7.5 In the event of any circumstance preventing the receipt of the prize by any of the three winners, attributable or not to the promoter of the festival, there is no rescheduling of the performance of the winner within the festival poster or place to any refund or compensation.

7.6 All expenses and costs associated with the receipt of the Prize or for the enjoyment of the prize, such as travel, food and stay are the sole responsibility of the winner, without the right to any refund by the Promoter.


8.1 The terms and conditions of this Regulation apply to all participations made within the scope of this Contest and aim to protect all aspects of the relationship of the participant with the Promoter within the scope thereof.

8.2 Entrants undertake to indemnify and hold harmless the Promoter from any liability, as well as any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies, advertising and promotion agencies, and their respective administrators, managers, employees, agents and representatives for any losses, damages, rights, claims or actions of any nature arising, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation in the scope of this Contest.

8.3 Participation in this Contest implies the tacit declaration of the participant who, of his / her own free will and without requiring any consideration, authorizes that the sentence (s) submitted is subject to treatment for the purposes of participation in this Contest. Promotional and advertising of the same, authorizing the Promoter, the Organizer and / or third parties contracted by them, in particular, to publish, reproduce, print, edit, change, disseminate, use and exploit them without temporal or territorial limit, in any medium or support that the Promoter may deem convenient, namely, in the social networks of RFM SOMNII.

8.4 All entries contrary to the purposes of this Contest, in particular those that are in any way capable of affecting any of the related marks or the proper functioning of this Contest, shall be excluded from it.  In such cases, participants shall forfeit their right to participate, as well as the prize they have earned, without any right to compensation.

8.5 If, for any reason, it is not possible to guarantee the delivery of the prize indicated in these Regulations, the Promoter may replace it with another prize.

8.6 The Promoter reserves the right at any time to cease, alter, shorten, delay or prolong this Contest or any aspect of it, without the participants being entitled to any kind of compensation. In case of changes, these will come into force on the date indicated by the Promoter or in the absence of indication immediately after the publication of the modified terms and conditions.

8.7 The Promoter shall not be liable, in particular, for: (i) lost, delayed, incomplete, invalid, lost or corrupted entries, which shall not be considered for participation in the Contest; (ii) any difficulties or impossibilities of contact with the winners or with the Promoter or the Organizer; (iii) any loss of messages or delayed deliveries by telecommunication operators or any Internet failures; (iv) inaccuracy of any data submitted by the participants; (v) loss or non-delivery of the premium, namely due to incorrect or incomplete address; (vi) any acts performed by participants, either in the participation or in the enjoyment of the Prize or any act of bad faith, namely participating in the Contest using false information, thus vitiating the same, in which case, if identified, will be automatically excluded, without prejudice to participation to the competent authorities; (vii) any unauthorized attempt to tamper with the Contest Computer’s communications systems or communications, which will be considered illegal and reported to the appropriate authorities for due effect; (viii) property or casualty damages, incidents or accidents that the participants and / or their companions may suffer due to the receipt or enjoyment of the prizes to be awarded in the scope of the Contest.

8.8 User data may be disclosed to carefully selected third parties so that they may contact you.

8.9 If you wish to disallow the use of your data to send information, you should contact Braver Entertainment via the email info@espectaculos.pt.

8.10 Braver Entertainment reserves the right to change this regulation at any time during this contest.

8.11 In the situations omitted in these Regulations, the decision taken by the Promoter shall prevail.

8.12 Participation in this Contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the terms of its Rules of Procedure, advising the Promoter to read the current and future terms and conditions of this Contest, and the participant who does not agree with them refrain from participating.

Lisbon, June 25, 2019