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RFM SOMNII will be cashless, and you can already create your Personal Account!

Following the success of the previous edition of RFM SOMNII, the event will once again offer cashless payments for all purchases made on-site.

From today and during the event, it is possible to load the balance onto your wristband using only your mobile phone.

See Tickets customers can now create a Personal Account.
Blueticket and Ticketline customers will be able to create their accounts starting from July 5th.


1 _ Create your Personal Account

Configure yourPersonal Accountwith your information, including the reference of your ticket.
Será nesta área onde poderás aceder a toda a
infoabout your transatcions and make top-ups.

2 _ Top up your account

OnPersonal Accountcreated, you can top-up your wristband using the option MBWAY and/or Credit/Debit card.
Feel free to do, the account is exclusively yours and non-transferable.

3 _ Exchange your ticket for the wristband at the venue

Exchange your ticket for aCashless wristbandat Parque da Gaivotas (parking lot at the entrance of the venue).
The balance of
Personal Accountwill already be associated with your wristband.


When and where you can exchange your ticket for your wristband.

You don’t need to wait in any queues to top up your wristband balance, as you will have the opportunity to do so with your mobile phone, without leaving your spot, using MBWAY or another online top-up method!

If you are still one of those “doubtful” individuals, rest assured that we have thought of you: at the venue, there will be several points for wristband top-ups without the need for a Personal Account. There, you can load your wristband using MBWAY, credit/debit card, or cash.


*Parking located at the Entrance of the Venue.

Day 6 – 2 PM to 8 PM

Day 7 – 10 AM to 12 AM (midnight).

Day 8 – 10 AM to 12 AM (midnight).

Day 9 – 2 PM to 12 AM (midnight).


*Exclusive for Camping Voucher buyers.

Day 6 – 11 AM to 11 PM

Day 7 – 10 AM to 11 PM

Day 8 – 10 AM to 7 PM

Day 9 – 10 AM to 7 PM


Using the RFM SOMNII Cashless wristband, the user will be able to purchase drinks, food, tobacco, and merchandise.

Each user can check the balance of their wristband in the Personal Account or at any point of sale or top-up location at RFM SOMNII.

Loss or misplacement of the wristband is the sole responsibility of the user. In the event of such incidents within the venue, the user must go to the Cashless Support Point, where a new wristband will be assigned solely for new top-ups and purchases. The balance from the lost/misplaced wristband cannot be transferred to the new one.

By using the Cashless system,you accept the terms and conditions terms and conditions on the user’s part. Any questions regarding Cashless should be sent to


RFM SOMNII recommends loading the wristband before the event takes place, using the Personal Account created by each attendee on the RFM SOMNII website. This helps to avoid queues and streamline the entire process.

In the Personal Account, top-ups can be made using:

  • MB WAY;
  • Credit/Debit card.

Wristband top-ups can also be made at the event, at various top-up points located inside and outside the venue. At those points, payments will be accepted in:

  • MB WAY;
  • Credit/Debit card;
  • Cash.


By using the Cashless wristband system, you are consenting to electronic invoicing.

This consent does not invalidate the delivery of the invoice by another means if requested by the attendee.

For those who have created a Personal Account:

If you wish for the invoice to be issued with your tax identification number (NIF), it should be provided during the creation of your Personal Account.

The transactions made at the event will be sent via email in a single invoice at the end of each day of the event.
For the purchases made at the event, invoices will be issued at the end of each day of the event with the tax identification number (NIF) indicated in the Personal Account, and they will be sent to the associated email.

Após cada carregamento de saldo, via Personal Account, será enviado um e-mail de prova de carregamento.

If needed, invoices for the purchases made at the event can also be requested at the Cashless Support Station located at the entrance of the VIP Zone.

For those who did not create a Personal Account:

If needed, invoices for purchases/consumption at the event can also be requested at the Cashless Support Station located at the entrance of the VIP Zone.


Refund requests begin on Monday, July 10th, starting at 9 AM, and extend until 4 PM on July 11th, 2023. Only refund requests made between these dates will be considered. After 4 PM on July 11th, 2023, it will not be possible to request any refunds.

Each refund request has an associated fee of 2.5€ for operational costs, which will be deducted from the remaining credit on the wristband.

Refund requests can only be made through the Personal Account, which can be created until 10 PM on July 9th.

Refunds may take up to 15 business days to be processed, starting from the day following the end of the refund request period, which is August 1st.

No refunds will be issued on-site.

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