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FAQ 2024

We are waiting for you in 2023!

check here the list of frequently asked questions. In case you can’t find your answer, please send us an email


Yes, you are allowed to enter with sunscreen. In fact, it is almost mandatory, because it protects your skin! For safety reasons, only cream sunscreen is allowed in, not aerosol sunscreen.

You can swim in the sea during the event. The festival has lifeguards and all means of sea rescue available. But pay attention: you have to respect the lifeguards’ instructions, because they work to safeguard your safety.

The safety plan is coordinated by the Figueira da Foz Civil Protection and involves the Municipal Fire Department, the Red Cross, the Public Security Police and the Maritime Police.

There is a contingent of elements of these security forces positioned at the entrances, at the entrances, and inside the venue.

There are also security guards and employees on the premises, totaling more than 300 operatives, whose objective is to provide assistance to the spectators and ensure everyone’s well-being.

On the sea front, there are Navy boats and Maritime Police officers. There are two beach posts, with lifeguards.

RFM SOMNII’s safety plan involves all hospitals within a 50 km radius of Figueira da Foz, which are prepared to receive any injured person.

After entering the venue, you can only leave and re-enter once more, on each day of the festival.

For legal reasons, you may not enter the venue with a camera, video camera, or sound recorders. However, you can use your cell phone or your GoPro, to record the best moments of your summer.

For security reasons, you can’t take Selfie Stick. No commercial use can be made of your footage.

Yes, you can, but you will have to present a duly certified medical statement, and only in the amount strictly necessary for the amount of time you will be on the premises. It is not allowed to enter the premises with goods that can be traded, depending on their nature or quantity.

The organization’s main concern is for your safety. For this reason, we pay enormous attention to the use of drugs and psychotropic substances. Any illicit activity will be immediately reported to the authorities.

Yes, everyone who wishes to enter the venue will be inspected for security reasons, and the search time may vary according to the volume of people in line.

Admission will be refused to anyone who is clearly intoxicated, who appears to be suffering from a mental disorder, or who in any way shows a propensity to commit acts of violence, particularly to anyone who displays a violent attitude or publicly incites hatred, violence or discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation gender identity or any other social or personal condition or circumstance and, in particular, anyone who behaves aggressively or causes disturbances outside or at the entrance, which carries weapons or objects that can be used as such, who carries clothing, objects or symbols that incite violence or presuppose ideologies of activities contrary to the fundamental rights recognized in the Constitution. Admission will also be refused to anyone presenting tickets mended, torn, or showing signs of case of refusal of admission due to any of these circumstances, there will be no refund of the ticket price.

After this inspection, the organization may also expel ticket holders from the venue in case of non-compliance with the instructions of the organization’s employees, as well as when it can be assumed that a situation of risk or danger to the spectator or the rest of the public will be created, and the person expelled will be personally responsible for any damage he/she causes.

To avoid long waiting times, we recommend that you enter the venue as early as possible.

It is forbidden to enter the venue with any type of food, drinks, bottles, cans, glass, and plastic cups.

Animals are not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs for the blind, as long as the supporting documentation is presented, as defined by Decree-Law 74/2007, of March 27.

– Professional cameras (with removable lens) not accredited;

– Non-accredited professional film cameras;

– Explosive and pyrotechnic material;

– Helmets;

– Weapons or objects that can serve as a weapon;

– Selfie sticks or similar;

The organization does not have a warehouse, nor does it keep these items in its custody.

There is a reserved area for people with reduced mobility and this area has a great view of the stage.

All people with reduced mobility, as well as their companion (one per person), are entitled to use this area, as long as both have a valid ticket.

Since RFM SOMNII takes place on the sand, where it is very difficult for wheelchairs to circulate, access to the reserved area is made with the support of the event’s staff, who must be informed of this need at any of the entrances.

You can enter the venue from the age of 3 and up, and you must present a valid ticket, regardless of age.
For safety reasons, we recommend that all persons under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult.

There are notices posted at the entrances to the RFM SOMNII premises informing all participants that images will be taken during the event.

By purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you are giving your consent to the capture of images and/or video during the festival and within the scope of the festival, and the images may be collected by different media within the venue. You also expressly consent to the dissemination and disclosure of the images captured for informational, promotional and any other purposes.

You can read RFM SOMNII’s privacy policy at

Inside the festival grounds, there are catering establishments that will be permanently open.

No food or drinks are allowed on the premises. If you wish to eat outside, you can leave the premises and re-enter, once each day.

– Access is only allowed to people over 3 years old;
– All persons intending to enter the festival grounds will be inspected, to ensure their personal safety;
– Visitors agree that they will be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience. All video, photographic and audio materials purchased at the venue are subject to use in promotional materials for the festival, without limitations of time and space, at the sole discretion of the Festival and its organizers;
– Alcoholic beverages are not served to individuals under the age of 18 and to people with visible changes in consciousness;
– The festival has a security system in place, but is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings;
– The organizer may refuse or prohibit entry to the Festival to any person who the event security determines is in any way likely to endanger the safety of visitors or cause any kind of trouble;
The organizer may refuse or prohibit entry to the Festival to any person who the event security determines is in any way likely to endanger the safety of visitors or cause any kind of trouble; If the event is canceled due to force majeure, no new date will be set. In this case, no refund will be made to the ticket owner;
– A refund of the ticket will occur in the event of a festival cancellation for any reason other than force majeure. Refunds are not given in the case of one-off Artist cancellations;
· A participação no festival é por conta e risco do visitante. The producer is not liable for any damage that is suffered by a visitor as a result of participation unless the damage is a direct consequence of the organizer’s action or occurs due to his gross negligence;
– The producer reserves the right to change the schedule and program of the festival without prior notice;
– It is strictly forbidden to use or distribute festival tickets for commercial purposes, marketing campaigns, lotteries, and any kind of contest, without the written consent of the organizer. Legal action will be taken against any person or organization that chooses to ignore this prohibition.


Each camping voucher is only valid in conjunction with a 3-day general pass or 3-day VIP pass, being the voucher is individual and nominal.

No. The Camping Voucher is only valid when presented in conjunction with a 3-day general pass or 3-day VIP pass.

Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18) or present an authorization signed by their legal representative, with the signature duly notarized by a Notary Public, Lawyer, Solicitor, or any other entity qualified to do so (providing their respective contact details).

No. During the days of the festival, the Figueira da Foz Municipal Camping Park is reserved in its entirety for RFM SOMNII attendees.

On July 7, check-in will be open from 7am and will run all day until 11pm. On the days of the festival, it will have the same hours, from 7am to 11pm.
Check-out must be done until 4pm on July 11th.

There is no parking inside the Campsite.

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