Tickets office

The tickets are on sale at https://rfmsomnii.seetickets.comBlueticketTicketline, Festicket, MasqueticketABEP, Lojas FNAC, Lojas WORTEN, Lojas Note!SuperCor – Supermercados, Centros Comerciais Fórum, MMMTicket, Centros Comerciais Dolce Vita, Cascais Visitor CenterEl Corte Inglés, E.Leclerc – Guimarães e Famalicão, Shopping Cidade do PortoGaleria Centro Comercial Campo PequenoCasino LisboaCCB – Centro Cultural de BelémBilheteira Altice ArenaAg. AbreuU-Ticketline,Ask Me Lisboa, IT-Tabacarias-Amadora e Estoril, Time Out Mercado da RibeiraTurismo de Lisboa (Aeroporto e Praça do Comércio)ACPLojas PAGAQUITeatro Tivoli BBVA,Pav. Multiusos de GuimarãesThe Phone HouseMundicenter.

INFO/RESERVATIONS: call 18 20 (24H), and also at the festival’s box office, on concert days.

There is a chance that tickets be no longer available before the RFM SOMNII. Therefore they may not be available at the tickets offices.

Ticket prices increase progressively, by phases, as time goes by. Therefore, the sooner you buy your ticket, the cheaper it gets. You can check prices and buy your ticket at https://rfmsomnii.seetickets.comBlueticket, Ticketline and all the usual stores.

If they aren’t sold out at that time, you’ll be able to buy your ticket on festival days.
Keep in mind that ticket prices increase progressively, in phases. Therefore, the sooner you buy your ticket, the cheaper it gets. You can check prices and buy your tickets at https://rfmsomnii.seetickets.comBlueticket, Ticketline and all the usual stores.

The VIP MAZDA MX-5 tickets allow you to enter the RFM SOMNII through special access doors placed at each entry (north and south).

Each VIP MAZDA MX-5 ticket will entitle you to 1 drink, on each day of the event (total of 3 drinks), at your choice and according to the available drinks menu.

The VIP MAZDA MX-5 zone is a raised platform in relation to the sand ground which gives you a priviledged view of the stage.

In the VIP MAZDA MX-5 zone there’ll be toilets, bars and exclusive furniture for you comfort. There’ll be also food and drink services for all VIP MAZDA MX-5 ticket holders.

The VIP MAZDA MX-5 ticket holders will get a bracelet that gives them free access, whenever desired, between the VIP MAZDA MX-5 zone and other areas of the RFM SOMNII, with the exception of the Premium zone.

The PREMIUM tickets gives access to the RFM SOMNII facilities through special gates located at each of the entrances (north and south).

Each PREMIUM tickets includes 2 drinks, for every day of the event (making up a total of 6 drinks). The drinks are at your choice, on the drinks menu available.

The PREMIUM zone is a raised platform in relation to the sand ground level which gives you a privileged view of the stage. In the PREMIUM zone there’ll be toilets, bars and exclusive furniture for you comfort. There’ll be also food and drink services for all PREMIUM ticket holders. In the PREMIUM zone tables can be purchased, with drink service.

The PREMIUM ticket includes the access to the after-party that takes place, at the end of each night, in the Figueira Casino.

These are the differences between a VIP MAZDA MX-5 and a PREMIUM ticket:

Access to the RFM SOMNII through special gates
Drinks included 1 per day 2 per day
Raised platform with privileged view of the stage ✔ (PS: on the west side) ✔ (PS: on the east side)
Toilets, bars and exclusive furniture
Exclusive food services
Private tables with drink service X
Access to the common area facilities
VIP MAZDA MX-5 zone access
PREMIUM zone access X
Access to after-party at Casino Figueira X

Most of our partners send out print at home tickets via email. Please read the terms and conditions of our ticketing partners in each case.

All sales are considered final, unless the festival is cancelled or postponed. In those circumstances, the refund is made with subtraction of the costs of booking, processing and shipping.

If the RFM SOMNII is cancelled, you'll be refunded according to the ticket price, considering discounts that may apply, except any taxes that may have been charged by the ticket office. If the show is postponed, your ticket is valid for the new event date.

No. Drinks are only included with the purchase of VIP MAZDA MX-5 and PREMIUM tickets.


Please check our travel page.

Inside the venue

Yes, you can bring sunscreen. In fact, you should do so, because it protects your skin! For security reasons, we do not allow aerossol sprays, but you can bring lotion, cream or gel.

You can bathe in the sea, during the festival. The festival has its own lifeguards and in-shore rescue lifeboats. But beware: you have to comply with the instructions that are given to you by lifeguards, because they’re there to keep you safe.

The security plan is coordinated by the Proteção Civil da Figueira da Foz involving firefighters, Red Cross, Guarda Nacional Republicana (including Special Operations Force), Civil and Navy Police.

There’s a contingent of members of these security forces placed at the accesses and entrances as well as inside the venue.

There’ll also be guards and stewards in the venue, just over 300 members, whose objective is to assist and care for the welfare of all spectators.

There’ll be navy rescue boats and agents. There are two beach stations with life guards.

The RFM SOMNII security plan involves all the hospitals within 50km distance from Figueira da Foz, ready in case of casualties.

After entering the venue, you’ll be able to exit and re-enter just once, on each day.

For legal reasons, you cannot enter the venue with photographic/video cameras ou sound recorders. However, you can use your mobile phone or your GoPro to record the best moments of your Summer.

For security reasons, you cannot carry a selfie stick. No commercial use can be made of any of your recordings.

Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to show a medical certificate. No access will be allowed, inside the venue, to items that could possibly be sold.

Our primary concern is with your safety. Therefore, we’re especially attentive to the use of any drugs or psychotropic substances. Any illegal activity will be immediately reported to the authorities.

You won’t be able to enter the venue with any kind of food, drinks or bottles. You also won’t be able to access the venue carrying objects that could be considered dangerous, such as cans, helmets or guns.

Selfie Stick isn’t allowed.

Ticket holders will undergo inspections and will be forced to abandon unauthorized objects. The festival doesn’t have a deposit nor will it store these items.

If you are notoriously intoxicated, you may not be able to enter the venue, even though you hold a valid ticket. The same goes if you seem to have a psychic problem or if you show a tendency to commit acts of violence.

Animals aren’t allowed inside the venue, except for those who assist persons with vision impairment. It is mandatory that you present the proper documentation, as defined by the Portuguese law (Decreto-lei 74/2007, March 27th).

There’s a special place for people with reduced mobility. This area has a great view of the stage. Everyone with reduced mobility, as well as their companion (one per each person), have the right to use this area, as long as they both have a valid ticket.

Once the RFM SOMNII is on sand ground, making it hard for wheelchairs to circulate, the access to the private area will be done with the support of the event staff, who will have to be informed of such need at any of the entrances.

The minimum age to enter the venue is 3 years old. A valid ticket must be presented. We recommend that underage persons be accompanied by an adult.

At the entrances to the RFM SOMNII informative notices will be put up concerning image capturing during the event. There are two reasons that justify this procedure: on the one hand, for security reasons, on the other hand, for social media and aftermovies.

Therefore, as you enter the venue, you agree that the image and sound captured during the event be used.

Within the festival grounds, there are catering establishments, which will be permanently in operation.
In the general area of the premises, you can eat hamburgers, dogs and kebabs, as well as pizza, nuggets, chocolate mousse, fries and coffee.
In the VIP area, buffet meals are served, with a variety of main dishes (pasta, poultry, fish, meat and vegetarian), as well as desserts.
It is not allowed to enter the premises with food or drinks, but if you wish to eat abroad, you can leave the premises and re-enter once a day.

There are ATMs at the RFM SOMNII venue for money withdrawal.

There are also food and drinks vending machines.

• Access is only allowed to persons over 3 years of age;
• All persons intending to enter the festival grounds will be inspected to ensure their personal safety;
• Visitors agree that they will be photographed, filmed, or recorded, as an integral part of the public. All video, photographs and audio materials purchased on the site are subject to use in promotional materials for the festival, without time and space limitations and at the sole discretion of the Festival and its organizers;
• Alcoholic beverages are not served to individuals under the age of 18 and to persons with visible changes in their state of consciousness;
• The festival has a security system implemented but is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings;
• The Organizer may refuse or prohibit entry into the Festival to any person that it is in any way likely to endanger the safety of visitors or to cause any type of problem;
• The organizer may decide to cancel the event for reasons of force majeure. If the Event is canceled due to force majeure, no new date will be set. In that case, no refund will be given to the ticket owner;
• The refund of the ticket will occur in the event of a cancellation of the festival, for any reason other than force majeure (storm, earthquake, cataclysm, ..). The refund is not made in case of occasional cancellations of Artists;
• Participation in the festival is at the risk of the visitor. The Organizer is not responsible for any damages suffered by a visitor as a result of participation, unless the damage is a direct consequence of the organizer’s action or because of its gross negligence;
• The Organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the festival without prior notice;
• It is strictly prohibited to use or distribute festival tickets for commercial purposes, marketing campaigns, lotteries and any kind of contest, without the written consent of the Organizer. Legal action will be taken against any person or organization that decides to disregard this prohibition.


We offer 2 kinds of campsites and also some accommodation in the city. To get more information, please check our accommodation page.

There are many camping sites in Figueira da Foz.

If you want to take advantage of prices and special conditions, you can buy Pack Camping (normal / VIP / Premium), valid for the 3 days of RFM SOMNII, with stay in Figueira da Foz Municipal Camping (Avenida Dr. Mário Soares, Quinta of Calmada - Tavarede, 3080-184 Figueira da Foz, T: 233 209 051); or the Beach Camping (2P / 3P) and Eco Beach Camping, for those who have the 3-day ticket for the event, which is located next to the festival grounds.

If you’re under age prior to your stay at some of these camping sites you should get an authorization from the person responsible. Otherwise the camping site will get in touch with one of them. Don’t forget your ID in order to have your age checked.

In case there’s no more Pack Camping to give you access to the municipal camping site, you can still contact them directly for availability, though somewhat more expensive. Check it out here.

Access here to purchase Pack Camping.

This steps only takes a few minutes. Present your identification and the Pack Camping (normal / VIP / Premium), at the Municipal Park Camping, or the Beach Camping (2P / 3P / Eco) next to the festival,, to receive a bracelet that will give you access to the park.

On July 4th, the check-in process starts at 7 am and will run all day up to 11 pm.

On July 8th, it will end at 4 pm, though you can stay at the camping site up until 7 pm.

All those who are under 16 years old must either be accompanied by an adult (over 18yo) or show an authorization signed by such responsible person (as well as his/her contact details).

It's possible to get the RFM SOMNII discount in the acquisition of Pack Camping (normal / VIP / Premium) for the Municipal Camping Park, or Beach Camping (2P / 3P / Eco), next to the festival. However, you should buy as soon as possible because, as in previous years, it will wear out.

As soon as the Pack Camping and the Beach Camping is sold out, if you want to spend the night at the Camping Site you’ll still be able to contacting the following:

By phone: (+351) 233436310 (the line may be busy due to the number of ongoing calls) E: parque.campismo@cm-figfoz.pt

Address: Avenida Dr. Mário Soares, Quinta da Calmada – Tavarede, 3080-184 Figueira da Foz.

This is the Camping Site pricing table Municipal here.

Access here to purchase Pack Camping or Beach Camping.